Monday, November 15, 2004

Homolinguistic Translation Poem Result

From the Wallace Stevens source poem posted below, "The High Toned Old Christian Woman," student Casey Salagaj created this terrific response:

Poetry is the superlative diction, bitch.
Question every notion of ethical décor
And from that query erect a foundation for
Utopia. Surround the old code with columns
of death and make it untouchable; ergo,
do what the ancients did, shun the other side.
Cause the old guard practitioners of morality to
Be in decent. They become like books, replaced
By movies; and like movies, replaced by Hollywood.
After all, heaven throws a party every time an elderly
Person is defeated. Sing a buoyant song about
Victory, bask in the glory that creates shadows
On the downcast. But then again, who cares,
He said, “I am.” I say the pen is.

~~~~~~~poem copyright of Casey Salagaj~~~~~~~~ o~o/~~~~

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