Thursday, October 14, 2004

Mary de Rachewiltz, recent interview by Italian poet and educator, Anny Ballardini

Students, please survey the resources listed below on on Ezra Pound at the SUNY Buffalo Poetry Center, listen to the recording of Pound reading, and read Anny Ballardini's interview with Mary de Rachewiltz (Pound's daughter), for next week's class disscussion.

Mary de Rachewiltz, (Ezra Pound's daughter--Pound is progenitor of anglo modernism, poetic collaborator-editor of writing by/with T. S. Eliot, William Butler Yeats, and Sappho translator, Mary Barnard--all very influential for contemporary poetry), interviewed by poet, artist, journalist, and educator Anny Ballardini, for her Italian anthology-website, Fieralingue.

And here are some other links to resources on Pound:
Ezra Pound reading aloud for the BBC radio in 1958.

Ezra Pound resources at the SUNY Buffalo center.