Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Dottir (cf Icelandic) Holly Sends a Greeting Card About a Certain Kind of Poetry...

Q: Should a spunky daughter's input be allowed on mom's teaching blog? (Hey, Y'all, if he ever turns his gaze to the mires of deep poetry and investigative education, this could end up being a question for Jerry Springer ...)

A: Why, hell yes! Daughter Holly sent me the above Hallmark image today (in some ways it certainly out-Hallmark's Hallmark, as Our Good Will S. might put it... ). Although I think it's been circling the online flappy-mouth-world for a while, I thought since it is saying hello to a certain kind of (greeting card verse: lukewarm, slushy, generic & unmemorable-abstracted-beyond-real-meaning-kind-of-sing-song-puppetry-verse) poetry, it deserves a special place of mention here on E-Po.

So, Hey, Holly, thanks! Be warned, though: Darth Vader sent this message to you: At this Point in History, No Such Puppetry Greeting Card should be Possible...
xoxoxoxo, The Ultimate Greeting Card Recipient: Your (um... ) Mother?