Monday, October 25, 2004

Reading Assignment: an interesting FAQ about Language Poetry

The movement called Language Poetry is one of the most influential on contemporary poetry. For class discussion on Monday, November 1, read what poet and teacher Kasey S. Mohammad has written and posted to his blog, Limetree, about Language Poetry, "A Language Poetry Dossier."

Note, too, that on Wednesday, Oct. 27, Ron Silliman posts an interpretive and evaluative response to Kasey S. Mohammad's "A Language Poetry Dossier." Incidentally, the first two results found when Googling images for "Language Poetry is" are 1. the copy of the Bob Perelman poem, above, and 2., this photograph: of Ron Silliman,

--that if you follow the link, leads to a quote from Langpo critic, Marjorie Perloff, accompanied by an audio file of Ron Silliman reading from his text, "Albany." Please be sure to listen to it.

Check out this link from Jackie Stodnick, UTA faculty in English: