Sunday, October 17, 2004

Call for submissions from editor Andrew Lundwall, Big Bridge special edition: *Export: Writing the Midwest,* & a Reading Assignment

Dear Students:

Editor Andrew Lundwall, of Poetic Inhalation (& see your links list on the sidebar), emailed me the other day to ask that I share this opportunity on E-Po and specifically with you. Andrew hopes some of you will submit work to the special issue, Export: Writing the Midwest, that he is currently editing for Michael Rothenberg, publisher of Big Bridge.

So, in response, please do the following 3 things by (25 Oct., Monday):

1. Read--familiarize--yourself with Big Bridge. In particular, read the poetry page there.. Pick one poem that you will then explain to us in class next week (due 25 Oct, Monday).

2. Read Volume 4 of Tin Lustre Mobile, (which comprises 6 issues), as well as familiarizing yourself with Andrew's blog, P.I.. Choose one item in Volume 4 of TLM, and write a reading response to it for class (this is due for class discussion on 25 Oct, Monday).

3. Consult me if you are interested in submitting work to this special edition on Big Bridge, and we will work up some of your best poems and/or poetic responses to readings, which we will then send in to this call for submissions. Let's see if some of you can be published in this special Big Bridge to the Midwest!



dear midwestern friends...

currently i am putting together an e-anthology for january issue of michael rothenberg's fine electronic literary journal Big Bridge

the e-anthology "Export: Writing the Midwest" aims to highlight the work of writers either currently living in or who have a very relevant and personal relation with the midwest...

i am looking for submissions of poetry...fiction...essays...memoirs...whatever quality material you should decide to send...



Poetry...Submit no more than 4 poems at a time in either .doc, .txt, or in the body of an email...

Fiction/Non-Fiction...Should not exceed 4 pages preferably sent as a .doc file...

Contact: Andrew Lundwall (

Deadline: December 1st

Subject line of emailed submission should read:

"Big Bridge Submission/'Export: Writing the Midwest'"...

Please include with submissions a short descriptive biographical note and (if you've one to share) an author's photo...