Friday, September 24, 2004

Call for Work: (especially) Collaborative Poetry (and other genres)


Please read this over and consider submitting. It's from an email I got the other day from prize winning poet and editor, Sawako Nakayasu. I corresponded with her about it and she encourages you to submit (only your best) collaborative work. I hope you will do so:

Four Factorial Call for Work for the 2004 Speed Round ! ! !

Trilingual Three Factorial is bursting at the seams with translations of poetry from Japanese to English, Japanese to French, French to Japanese, French to English, Japanese to French to English, plus some Visual Japanese poetry, Japanese Sound Poetry, in other words it's exciting, authentic, contemporary, and·ostly Japanese. Available very very soon. Also of note: the new Aufgabe features contemporary Japanese poetry in translation as well.

Equally exciting is this new call for work for the next issue: the Four Factorial Speed Round! All submitting and editing will take place within the next 1.5 months - submissions will be accepted from now through the end of October, and will be read and edited by guest editors chosen semi-randomly as I travel around the states - in Boston, Amherst, NYC, Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison, Kalamazoo, NYC, and San Francisco. As soon as I have 10 submissions I will send the package to a guest editor, who will choose selections to go into the Second Round. I will continue this as I travel throughout the month, choosing a new editor for every 10 submissions. As soon as there are 10 submissions that make it past the First Round, they will be passed on to a Second Round Guest Editor, and so it goes.

*Collaborative writing and works in translation will automatically be entered into the Second Round.
*Buy your way into the Second Round by enclosing a Factorial proof-of-purchase: a jpeg photo of you with a copy of any of the three issues of Factorial

What to Submit:
Anything on paper, up to 5 pages. Writers and unofficial writers are equally welcome to submit. Need more clues? Send letters. Plays. Instructions. Do lists. Dissertation notes (for you academics!) Song lyrics (for you budding singer-songwriters!) Code (for you programmers!) A list of titles. Lists of anything. A description of your favorite texture (because I love texture). Your relationship to ants (love ants, too). Something your 70-year-old uncle wrote when he was a young lad. Or poems, stories, the usual is just as welcome, but send the very best of what you?e got, if you want to get past the first round.

Whether your submission is one piece or several, the submission as a whole must have its own title, and will be referred to as such when standings are posted on the website. Please

****send up to 5 pages of work (word attachment, or in the body of the e-mail) to - and leave your name, all contact info, and the title of your submission. Deadline is 10/31/2004**

What happens:
Individual replies will only be sent to those whose work will be published in Four Factorial. All current standings will be posted online at Factorial Press Blog as they are made available. The finalists will be published in Four Factorial in 2005 - possibly, maybe, perhaps - with Japanese translation.

Good luck!

Factorial Press
Factorial Press dot org

Crs 103: RELC--another class via blogging...

Is this cool or what?--the other day, a linguistics class in S.E. Asia found E-Po and visited. So I'm posting this link (in the title above). They've got a group photo! Maybe we should do that too? : )